Help and delivery at sea


EMERGENSEA the service support and delivery of water that operates as a partner network all concerned about providing assistance and support at sea. An initiative launched by supporting Alimar Skipper Systems Ltd from Zadar created as a pooling of charter companies, private boat owners, insurance companies, diving clubs, associations of fishermen and other maritime subjects about common problems to help and intervention at sea.

Specially equipped with fast boats, related equipment, 24 Hour Emergency logistics and trained personnel, is what EMERGENSEA service seems reliable partner at the time when you need help at sea, or the delivery suite a variety of events.

All partners involved in EMERGENSEA network, a large set of experiences, motivation and joint ventures for the safe navigation of the Adriatic Sea. Partner Network is derived from their own need for intervention and assistance at sea.

Partner NetworkPartners involved in the current profile networks are experienced men of the sea (captain long voyage, professional divers, fishermen and skippers) and everyone in his segment of the top pro. Individuals and companies associated with the network, a series of long years of its activities related to the sea, and interventions at sea.

In the 2009 season reached a partnership agreement with renowned American company SeaTow, so now all the members of this house feel extra safe wherever they are found in the Adriatic.

Vessels involved in the network were monitored EMERGENSEA GSM trackers, which are in the Internet network at any given moment are of known position, and it is so easy to divert in case of an emergency call for help. Monitoring and support the entire network is the main office in Zadar, which is located in Marina Borik. Central number for the call to the network EMERGENSEA is +385 98 306 609.


EMERGENSEA backbone of the fleet consists of rubber with internal motors, size 9 meters, with equipment difficult and up to 2.5 tonnes and with a strong engine (8 cylinders - 270KS) are definitely a perfect compromise of weight and strength that guarantees speed and act as necessary.

In addition to these boats in the fleet are: 

  • Quick smaller rafts (5.5 to 7 meters), which is used exclusively for rapid intervention easy character.
  • Several boats specifically designed for towing (as Calafuria Cargo) or Boston Whaler 27 'reinforced with two outboard engines with the 225 hp that achieves maximum speed of up to 50 Kn. So we come to any intervention within the hour.
  • Fishermen fishing boats and fishermen are particularly suitable for longer distances of towing, and in many difficult situations at sea, rescued the yacht when nobody else was therefore able to have a special place in our network.

XXL services at sea, land and marine.EMERGENSEA joining the network, for your money, you will get triple the value of the moment when you ask for the delivery of motor parts spasonosnog tow ... ... escort, or any of the following services: 

  • Transportation and Delivery (passengers, engine parts and fuel)Help to start the engine
  • Exclusion of the rope from proppeler
  • Towing to the nearest marina
  • Advice relating to the area of navigation and weather conditions
  • Regatta escort and other events
  • Stand by boat 

The procedure calls for help

Who to call for help? Call for help in case of serious damage and very bad weather to make sure that government services will continue to act according to the established rules and procedures. In mild cases, the need for interventions recommend calling and commercial networks for the simple reason because it will help or get delivery as soon as possible. Calls to public services (especially in summer) you can leave on a long waiting for overloading the service.

We call your attention to EMERGENSEA not search and rescue (although we will sometimes be employed by government departments) and to function on commercial principles.In case of accident or accident at sea call 195, free phone number of national focal point for search and rescue at sea. Make a call from a fixed or mobile network, simply dial 195.

Help can be requested through the single European emergency number 112 (112 Center operates as a single communication center for all types of emergency situations. 112, you can call at any time of day or night, regardless of where you are in Croatia. Phone call is free, and you can make across all mobile and fixed networks and with all the phones by simply dialing 112), which will connect the call to the National Centre.
In all cases of distress and of Unfortunate Events the best is to call the nearest post office Harbor Master on VHF channels 16 or 17, and they explain their situation.

Help can be requested through EMERGENSEA network support and delivery to the sea via VHF channel 16 to call EMERGENSEA, EMERGENSEA, EMERGENSEA here ... ... also say the name of vessel three times, or the number of GSM: +385 996 112 112.

The operator that you need to get as much as possible to tell precisely where you are (Its position off the GPS or navigational charts) and explain you are calling for:

  • sinking
  • fire
  • penetration of the sea
  • stranding
  • collision
  • disabilities to sail (engine failure, rudder, mast rupture, loss of fuel ...)
  • loss of vessels
  • medical intervention (emergency transportation, evacuation, medical advice ...)
  • buyer, surfers and divers in distress
  • any other type of accident at sea

Until the arrival of (any of these services) Proceed as directed by the operator. In case you have to help select the call in net profit will EMERGENSEA ETA arrival intervention vessels, and the arrival of boats try to draw attention EMERGENSEA craft that you will easily recognize.

EMERGENSEA membership

Join in...

Once you fill out a membership, your mail will arrive offer to your data from questionnaires. 24 hours after the payment of your membership becomes effective and runs the current calendar year.

All inquiries send to emergensea(at) or call +385 52 213 988.